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Holistic Health and Energy Healing

Holistic Health is an approach to improving health with the balance of mind, body, emotions and soul. We are often taught about the factors of healthy living as eating right, exercising enough, getting proper rest and drinking good amounts of water. Many… Read More

What is Reiki?

I have written about various topics over the past few days. I miss writing about Reiki. Lifeforce Energy For those who don’t know what Reiki is, it “is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing”.  The word… Read More

The Divine Plan and Anxiety

There are many levels of anxiety and of course, there is the good kind and the bad kind. The good kind is almost always involved when we are in sync with the divine plan. But when we are not in sync with… Read More

Instant Karma

There used to be a time in my life where I would look at the nasty things some people did, and I would wonder “Is there really such a thing as karma? Why haven’t they gotten back what they have been sowing… Read More

Feminine and Masculine Energies

While growing up sometimes we were prodded towards gender-specific behaviors, i.e. a boy shouldn’t play with dolls or a girl shouldn’t wear pants to her own wedding. Today, even though we’ve made huge progress towards “un-labeling” behaviors to an associated gender, we… Read More

Healing, Treating and Curing 

Sometimes the words: healing, treating and curing are used as synonyms to each other but they are not interchangeable. There is a huge difference between the three. Healing is related to mainly energy work, or recovery from surgery. Treating is visible in… Read More

The Healing Curve

There must always be a line to connect ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’, otherwise they will never be connected. Likewise, there always needs to be a pathway which connects illness to health. It may be of allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda, or energy healing… Read More

The Energy Perspective to Diseases

Behind every sickness, there are causes – not just diet, exercise, lifestyle choices, but also thoughts, feelings, emotions, and environments. While growing up whenever I would fall ill, my father would be quick to point out my dietary and exercising habits –… Read More

 The Yin and Yang of Energies

In the healing world, we often talk about positive and negative energies. We believe in the principles of thermodynamics in physics – energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. The denser the energy particles the more… Read More

Anger and Reiki

They say anger is like fire burning inside, if you don’t extinguish it, it will burn you alive. And it is true, anger can make people do so many things they may regret – or even worse burn their conscience to a… Read More