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Why Intentions Are Important In Reiki

When we learn Reiki, we are always taught about intentions. No Reiki session can begin without an intention stated. Today, I channeled in why intentions are important.  Channeled from Mother Kwan Yin Energy flows through everything and it can be positively or… Read More

When Healing Occurs

When I sat to write this article I wasn’t sure why this topic was chosen for me to channel, but once I finished channeling it occurred to me that faith is not only important in physical healing but in all circumstances. And… Read More

Programming Reiki

Most practitioners have programmed Reiki at some point in time, yet it is something that is not always taught. I wasn’t taught how to program Reiki, but when I discovered it and confirmed it with a few of my teachers, I loved… Read More

A planned life.

With structure there is predictability, With predictability, there is certainty… But structures break, Just the way they are made. And like water trapped in a broken dam, Everything flows. It must! Reluctantly or gracefully. Calmly, or forcefully. It must mould as per… Read More

Who Should Be My Teacher?

When I first completed my Reiki Master-Teacher training, I was extremely content at how much I have learned and how far along I had come in my practice. It was after 5 months that I felt an itch that I need to… Read More