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Why Meditation? — Deile therapy centre

I absolutely loved this article about meditation and its benefits. Meditation is the fastest way to raise your vibration, get in touch with your feelings and emotions and connect you more strongly with your God self. Benefits of Meditation Daily meditation brings… Read More

Narcissistic Tendencies 

I came across a really surprising video today about narcissistic gaslighting in the energy healing context. It explored how energy healings, tarot readings, therapies, etc could sometimes be clouded by inner-self projections of narcissistic people (either us or those around us).  Energy… Read More

Forms of Reiki

Master Mikao Usui, the man who re-discovered Reiki as we know it today. It is a wonderful energy healing system that works through the universal wisdom. When Master Usui brought Reiki to us, it had 3 levels and 4 symbols activated through… Read More