Karuna Ki

“Sudha is my Karuna reiki teacher while I met her during my traveling. She suggested for a distant attunement since we live in different countries. I’m a very open person to all new ideas, but the distant attunement is beyond my knowledge. And…. it worked so well!! Immediately after the attunement I felt my Reiki is much stronger, and my reiki friends had confirmed it. I also am more sensitive to energy myself and met some new “spiritual” guides and guardians. She’s warm, kind, open and loving. Her teaching was cool as a breeze, easy to understand but powerful. She’s always there to help and support. She’s also a very innovating teacher. I can’t wait to learn more from her and maybe one day I could do the same, to create and help others.

A month ago before I received the attunement, I went through a daunting personal experience not only was she there listening to me, but she also offered help and support. Sudha taught me how to protect and ground myself well. She introduced a meditation that allowed me to face and release the static energy which was not mine. Words couldn’t describe of my gratitude to her and letting me meeting her. I could not have recovered so quickly without her help and her knowledge to the energy and spiritual realm. I couldn’t believe the person got me through this difficult time was Sudha who I just met and lived far away.

I’m so blessed to get to meet and know Sudha. She was definitely sent by angels to me. Everything is just meant to be.

Thank you.”

Jackie Tsang


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